Last updated on: 16/03/2020

If you are using the best buy or sell buttons, you may check the tooltip and know if the best price execution is being supplied by other users or the FOOTBID platform. This information will only be displayed when these buttons are not disable and you may buy [FAQ 4.16] or sell [FAQ 4.17] a share using this option.

The custom orders are, by nature, only matched on the secondary market [FAQ 4.19]. Therefore, by default, you may assume that is the case. Nonetheless, if no supply or demand is provided by other users, FOOTBID may suggest purchasing or selling shares on the secondary market with explicit buttons for it within the custom orders form.

In the team selection, for each player, you will be able to find basic information about him, his match and date for the selected gameday, the shares used and captaincy and, if he has already played and been rated, both his rating and the points considering the applicable multipliers [FAQ 4.18].

You are also able to check if you are meeting the squad size and position requirements and navigate to the team selection of other users in your league or to other matchdays, using the dropdown boxes available. Next to the user avatar, you can always see the league points accumulated for the given matchday.