Last updated on: 16/03/2020

The sections in the Market enable you to filter players on distinct conditions:

  • All Players: displays all players available in FOOTBID;
  • Shortlist: displays only the players you have shortlisted [FAQ 4.20];
  • For Sale: displays only players whose shares are currently being sold by other users, ordered by the number of open sell orders;
  • Hot Deals: displays only players whose shares are currently being bought by other users, ordered by the number of open buy orders.

Yes. To add or remove a player to/from your shortlist, simply click on the icon, available in several pages throughout the platform, next to the player's name.

A grey star means that the player is not listed and a yellow star means that the player is currently listed. You may check your shortlisted players on the ' Shortlist' section under the Market module.

The 'points' a attributed to a selected player [FAQ 4.13] on a given matchday will be based on his real-life rating, multiplied by the number of shares used and doubled if the player was selected as the team captain [FAQ 4.20].

For instance, a player who was selected with 3 shares for the applicable matchday, has a rating of 7.1 on his game and has been nominated team captain will represent 42.6 'points' for your team (7.1 x 3 x 2). On the other hand, a player who was selected with 2 shares, has a rating of 5.6 and is not your captain will score 11.2 'points' for your team (5.6 x 2). Note that a selected player who does not play on the matchday will have a rating of 0.0, thus receiving 0 'points', regardless of the number shares used.

In order to compute your 'matchday points', all 'points' from your players are summed up and divided by the number of 'shares used' (representing the average of points you were able to win per share used). A very important factor for your this calculation is that a share for each 'player missing' (i.e. if you selected less players than the league's squad size) will be added to the number of 'shares used' [FAQ 6.22].

Your 'total points' displayed on ' Standings' [FAQ 6.12], will simply be the sum of your 'matchday points' since the beginning of the league!

For instance, consider the following scenario:

  • The league demands a squad size of 5 players;
  • You have selected 3 players (thus 2 'players missing'), who performed as follows;
  • Player 1: 2 shares, 7.3 rating, captain - 29.2 'points';
  • Player 2: 1 share, 8.1 rating - 8.1 'points';
  • Player 3: 4 shares, did not play - 0.0 'points';
  • You have a total of 9 'shares used' (7 'shares rated', 2 from 'players missing');
  • You score a total of 38.3 'gross points';
  • You score 4.14 'matchday points' (which are added to your 'total points').

You may check this information on any ' Team Selection', simply considering the 'points' calculated for each player in the rating column and by using the tooltip on the 'matchday score' tag, displayed in the bottom of the user's avatar, both in that screen and on ' Standings'.