Last updated on: 16/03/2020

By holding a player's shares in your Portfolio you may use him in Leagues with friends and other users from the FOOTBID platform and be eligible to win competition prizes [FAQ 6.13].

Additionally, every day that you log in, you will receive a daily dividend depedent on the overall sports quality of the players you hold, measured by the 'portfolio weighted rating' [FAQ 4.6].

The daily dividend received will then be calculated using a rate calculated by dividing the 'portfolio weighted rating' by 1 000, which is applied to the eligible portfolio [FAQ 2.11] (i.e. excluding any players who may not have been rated yet this season, for his current club, on eligible competitions [FAQ 8.3]).

You may see a specific league's general information through its card, available in the ' Subscribed', ' Finished' and ' All Leagues' tabs (depending on their current status). Besides the general data presented, you may also check the league's position constraints by clicking on the league banner.

For additional details, you may click on the league's name to access the following sections:

  • League Info: includes all relevant aspects of the league, namely applicable competition, status, duration, fees, prizes, etc.;
  • Standings: shows the current position of the several participants on the league, together with useful information on their performance [FAQ 6.12];
  • Team Selection: allows you to select and manager your team for the league or check on other users' team selections for the upcoming or past matchdays [FAQ 6.13].

Player selection shall be conducted using the ' Team Selection' tab of the target league. It will only be possible to change the team selection either for the ongoing matchday or for upcoming matchday, as applicable.

To add a new player to the team, simply press the green 'Add Player' button on top of the player's table, which will display all players you own. In that screen, simply press the green '' button, when available [FAQ 6.14]. Once the player is added to your team, you may also manage him, for instance adding more shares or selecting him as captain [FAQ 6.16].